Bob Casale, Founder, Seahorse Pools & Spas

  • September 18, 2016 /
  • By Dev
“During my 28 years in the swimming pool industry I have met many individuals who have tried to pass themselves off as marketing professionals. Most turned out to be nothing more than someone to buy you a lunch or take your order. Very few ever met up to my standards. I can say without reservation, that Leon is by far the most professional marketer I have had the pleasure to know. He was able to immediately understand and articulate the essence of who Seahorse Pools is and more importantly, what we stand for. Partnerships are based on trust, integrity and respect. I admire Leon for his integrity, and he has earned my trust and respect. I have never met anyone who cares more deeply and passionately about the quality of their work as he does. He was as committed to the success of our business as we were. That care, that passion, that commitment has resulted in as solid a partnership as I have ever experienced.”