Does This Describe You?

Are you unsure about what you should be doing right now to grow and market your business?  Do you sometimes feel out of control because the heavy demands on your time are taking you away from the high value activities that contribute the most to the success of your company? Has fierce competition, disruption (or threat of disruption), and uncertainty in the marketplace rocked your confidence?

We can help. The Rawitz Marketing Group lets you play to your strengths…while we play to ours.  So, while you’re focusing on what you do best—we’ll be creating and executing a marketing system that will drive your results.

A Systems Approach to Marketing

Successful businesses seldom happen by accident. While many embrace a Ready, Fire, Aim approach to marketing, our disciplined process for maximizing and optimizing your results will gain you greater profits in the shortest amount of time.  That’s because our marketing system focuses on these crucial elements:

  1. Creating a core story for your business that overwhelmingly positions you as the obvious choice
  2. Developing a “marketing hourglass” of tasks, tactics, metrics and timelines that get prospects and customers to know, like and trust you
  3. Creating a customer journey and buying experience that renders your competition… irrelevant


Are We a Good Fit? The Answer Will Be Revealed inThese Quick Questions

  • Are you a market leader or a number two or three player that craves the top spot?
  • Are you driven to become the most sought out and referred company in your marketplace?
  • Are your passionate about your customers and employees?
  • Are Integrity and Respect at or near the top of your list of Core Values?
  • Do you look to develop valued partnerships with your product and service providers, rather than customer/vendor relationships?
  • Are you able to make quick decisions and take action?
  • And last, does your marketing budget align with your commitment to achieve or retain the number one position in your marketplace?

If you answered YES to every question, then we’re a match!

Why not take the next step? Take advantage of our Complimentary Signature Brand Audit. Just click on the link below. Complete the Audit, then hit submit. Your answers will provide me with the feedback I need to assess your biggest marketing and branding opportunities. Get ready for one of the best values you’ve ever received.